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Trexxies are made of natural rubber and safe for children of all ages. My daughter loves the Ella Woodrose doll and hasn’t put her down since receiving her!

You can shop the dolls yourself here:


They would make a perfect birthday party gift for your little one! Check them out because nothing is better than a doll that is special and safe for your child to play with. Their main office is in Maui and they are committed to providing you with the best possible product.

Little Mass


Little Mass
We are a High End children’s Fashionable clothing line

-Tina Chang

The clothing the girls tried on is fresh and boho! I love the interesting fabrics and designs! Truly one of a kind! The pom poms on the outfit are such an intricate detail! I love each of these looks!




Panache is a noun meaning flamboyant confidence or manner; style; flair, and that is just what you get with these bras that are made for women that are D cups and larger… and it goes up to a J cup.


It is so hard to find bras that fit correctly, are comfortable, and have full coverage. Panache does one better, their bras also look beautiful. Panache wants to enhance a women’s shape, not hide it. They are all about being the ‘best in class’. Their sizes accommodate up to a J cup and styles also include sports bras.

I will definitely be ordering more Panache bras in my future! I love the fun patterns on the sports bras and how even the fullest size bra(like the ones I wear) look beautiful and classy! They offer wonderful coverage, while still managing to look fancy. The sports bra is great for jogging as well as lower-impact activities.

Check out their website:

The Esme is such a gorgeous line with matching briefs you will feel comfortable in your own skin:

The Esme Style is from the Panache Black collection, luxe and luxurious for D+ cup sizes


I also love the Coral Envy Balconnet Style, for something brighter and more exciting! The Black Porcelain Elan is one you can wear with a Little Black Dress or your fanciest night out dress!

For fit they suggest:

As a starting point, the hook and eye should be fastened comfortably on the loosest setting to allow for adjustment as the band stretches due to wear. Bending forward and making sure the wires are positioned under the bust is an essential next step. You should then stand upright and move the breast from the underarm if necessary so that it is inside the wire. Part the bust at the centre to make sure the centre front of the bra is sitting correctly between the breasts. Finally the straps should be adjusted so that they are firm, but not too tight. Take a look at our fit guide to see some common problems and their solutions.


Freshly Picked Mocs

Ever since I received my pair in the mail I have been so excited to put them on my little one Isla who is about to turn 3! I absolutely love the Dalmatian design and how snug they fit on her feet. They are so stretchy and comfy and really conform to her. They don’t leave marks either like many baby/toddler shoes. I love the Pink and spotted Dalmation, along with the bunch of other designs they have to choose from.

Elastic at the opening makes the shoes easy to put on, easy to take off, and most importantly: they stay on your child’s foot. Our soft-soled moccs are made with durable, wear-tested leather and are suitable for infants and toddlers alike.

This playful pink baby moccasin is designed with the freshest, most stylist babes in mind! Made with 100% genuine leather and love!

Don’t miss out on this limited edition moccasin from the 2017 Spring collection!

They have sizing info and ordering Mocs, apparel, and carryalls on their website
There will be many more pairs of Freshly Picked Moccasins in our children’s future



So thrilled with this brand and to finally find a sports bra and everyday bra that actually does the job of supporting me, without having to wear more than one bra.
Ladies that wear a size D or larger will understand my problem with sports bras and either not enough coverage, uni-boob, or ones that are so uncomfortable you actually consider not wearing one at all. Enter Enell.

Enell understands women that need coverage and want comfort. Their first sports bra launched in 1993 for high impact activities like running, volleyball, soccer, you name it! We are no longer limited to being uncomfortable and in the wrong size bras. I love the Dazzling Blue color as well!

Check out the shop page:


Read more about their story here:


You can find all of their bra choices here, between Enell Sport and Enell Lite:

They specialize in women C cup or higher. It’s so nice to be able to run and exercise without having to worry about my chest and anything moving too much!

Find them on social media:

They are also on Pinterest & You Tube!

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